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The Sacramento County Coalition for Youth (SCCY or Coalition) is mobilizing to address youth substance use in Sacramento County, where alcohol is the most frequent substance of abuse by youth.

The Coalition addresses the concern that Sacramento County youth ages 12 to 20 are drinking too early, too much, and too often, according to Sacramento County data from the California Healthy Kids Survey (2009-11). The Sacramento County Alcohol and Drug Prevention Services Strategic Plan (July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2021) describes the SCCY as a key strategy for preventing underage drinking. And with the legalization of recreational marijuana in California, the Coalition will also work to limit youth access and redirect media messaging indicating that youth marijuana use is safe.

The Coalition is led by the Sacramento County Office of Education and is supported by the Sacramento County Department of Health Services, Behavioral Health Services Division, Substance Use Prevention & Treatment Services. Together, we engage youth, families, schools, neighborhoods, and communities reflective of the cultural, racial, ethnic, linguistic, and LGBTQ diversity in Sacramento County.

SCCY Action Plan

The SCCY developed an Action Plan from October 2015 to May 2016. It provides a broad framework and a responsive menu of environmental prevention strategies and activities as a guide, ensuring strategies implemented by the Coalition will be outcome-based and lead to multi-level community change. The SCCY will use this Action Plan to guide project implementation.

The SCCY selected four Environmental Prevention strategies to include in the Action Plan:

  1. Developing targeted media messaging
  2. Limiting youth access to alcohol
  3. Addressing current laws, policies and practices
  4. Understanding and redirecting social norms

Each strategy is described in the Action Plan and a menu of possible activities is provided for each strategy. Environmental prevention approaches have the highest potential to produce population-level change.

The Action Plan is designed to be flexible, allowing the Coalition to be responsive to new priorities and opportunities within the County as they arise. The Coalition can leverage a wide variety of existing and potential resources, individuals, entities, organizations and successful national and local campaign models to implement its Action Plan. The SCCY will measure progress, collect data and set benchmarks to reduce youth access to alcohol and prevent underage drinking in Sacramento County.

Read the complete SCCY Action Plan . (825k PDF)

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Members of the SCCY receive the HC Award -- the first time this award has ever gone to a coalition.
Youth Summit attendees participate in one of the unique activities during the day-long Future Forward event.
Superintendent Dave Gordon of the Sacramento County Office of Education takes a moment for a photo op with some new friends at a Future Forward Youth Summit.