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Photos of young SCCY participants and their parents

SCCY Family Meal Kits


The Family Meal Campaign encourages family conversations at meal times. The SCCY will provide a Family Meal Kit which includes:

"Talk It Up" Game

Conversations during meal times are a great way for families to connect and learn about each other. The questions provided can help initiate conversations and also spark ideas for additional topics and discussions. Conversation topics include:

The question prompts are appropriate for both youth and adults.

Campaign Placemat

In addition to the questions, families will receive a campaign placemat with information to set the table for good conversation and serve as a reminder that the dinner table is a safe space for discussion and connection.

Informational Postcard

To support families in providing an understanding of the campaign, the postcard also can be used to share the information with others in their communities.

Request a Family Meal Kit

To kickstart conversations around your dinner table,  request a Family Meal Kit by emailing Joelle at

Talk. They Hear You.
Talk It Up Game Cards
Conversation cards
Campaign Placemat
Campaign Placemat