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Photos of young SCCY participants and their parents

Alcohol Prevention


Alcohol is the #1 substance of abuse by youth and the most frequent drug of choice for surveyed youth in the Sacramento County region. The SCCY has gathered input from community members including youth, and the leading issue they identified is that parents need to communicate with their kids about alcohol use and the dangers of alcohol, and share their expectations with their kids. The SCCY is initiating the Talk. They Hear You. campaign to reduce underage drinking by providing information and resources to parents/caregivers to start addressing the issue of alcohol use with their children early and often.

Get the Facts:

Tips for Parents:

To find out more on what to do if you suspect or confirm that your child is struggling with alcohol use, go to

Ensuring that youth parties are alcohol-free is one important way we can keep young people from harm. Parties are important for teens and help develop their social skills. For suggestions on how to keep parties safe and fun, visit the Not in my House website.

Studies have shown that parents have a significant influence on young people's decisions about alcohol consumption, especially when parents create supportive and nurturing environments in which their children can make their own decisions.

You might be surprised at how much influence your words, actions and opinions can have on your child’s choices. Speak up and get the conversation started!

Talking Tips for Parents:

  1. Talk often – build strong trust.
  2. Have shorter, more frequent conversations.
  3. Remember, as they become teens, the conversation needs to change.
  4. Listen! Conversations go both ways.
  5. Remember, kids watch what you do along with what you say.

Helpful Links:

Kyle Willkom from Action Packed Leadership and a few attendees of a Sacramento Future Forward Youth Summit
A Parent’s Survival Guide to Adolescent Alcohol Use is a video created to help parents prevent their teens from drinking.