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Poster art for the Talk They Hear You and Future Forward iniatives

Future Forward


With the passage and implementation of Prop 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, the Sacramento County Coalition for Youth received funding from Sacramento County Department of Health Services, Behavioral Health Services Division, Substance Use Prevention & Treatment Services to create and implement Future Forward, a youth marijuana prevention campaign.

Marijuana Facts:

Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana comes in many forms, not just the kind that is smoked. Edibles, waxes, and even beverages are now available. Marijuana edibles are packaged to be of interest to youth and are sold in quantities and potencies that are potentially lethal and damaging to the teen brain. Know the different ways teens might be using marijuana.

Marijuana and Driving:

Consequences of Legalization — Lessons Learned from Washington & Colorado:

Prop 64: What Does the Law Say?

Here in Sacramento County:

What Can You Do?

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A billboard featuring SCCY's Future Forward initative
Download the Future Forward info booklet for more information on this initiative. (9.3 MB PDF)
A Future Foward kiosk display in a popular Sacramento mall