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Marijuana Prevention

With the passage and implementation of Prop 64, marijuana legalization sends mixed messages to youth, including the concern that marijuana use for young people is safe. Research shows that 1 in 6 young people who start using marijuana during the teen years can become addicted. And the teen brain can also be impacted, in ways that go beyond recovery.

The Sacramento County Coalition for Youth has created and implemented the Future Forward campaign, designed to encourage young people to look ahead to their future, consider their plans and goals, and understand that using marijuana will deter them from the future they imagine. The goal is to educate the Sacramento Community, offer information and resources, and provide an opportunity to get involved in creating change to protect young people from increased accessibility to marijuana in our community.

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Marijuana use can affect a teen’s life now AND later. Here’s how:

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Marijuana can impair learning, memory, math, and reading levels.